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Bris Ceremony And Ways To Contact Them

Birth of a child in any family is a happy moment and making the parents of the child feeling proud and responsible. With the birth, a new member comes into the family expanding the small or large family in every manner. Every family has their own set rituals to be followed after the birth in order to ensure prosperity and security for the child’s future.


In each religion, there is an own set of rituals that are present for the people to follow. Brit Milah is such a ceremony done by Jewish community on the eighth day of the newly born male infant’s life. In the bris ceremony, under the supervision of a mohel Los Angeles circumcision is done which is the removal of the foreskin from the baby boy’s penis. The ceremony is a grand one as it involves several traditions, meals, rituals and prayers.


Only a mohel is experienced and profound enough to circumcise baby on his eighth day. A mohel is trained personnel for the practice of brit milah and knows how to perform every step of the ceremony. The ceremony teaches people about the spiritual, emotional, moral and ethical perfection requires human effort. For every Jewish family, performing male circumcision is important as well as mandatory. The mohel has to draw blood from the wound of circumcision and most of them use a suction device to avoid direct contact.

According to the Bible, the father of the infant must perform the proceedings of circumcision himself. However, not every father is able to get into the comfort level to do so as well as he does not have the training require for doing the process of circumcision. The ceremony can be delayed if there are health concerns making it suitable to prevent it to happen on the particular day.


In the recent years, the rate of adult circumcisions is also rising. The circumcision is done on many adults that were not circumcised as infants. Circumcision is a private ceremony that involves only family members and close friends, however the ceremony can be made grand if one desires for it.


At the festive meal, according to the customs,charity is given and people sing spiritual melodies. Mohel or the father of the child does convey a small talk about the significance and benefits of ritual circumcision to the people present in the ceremony. Website